Surprise me..

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I miss being a little child sometimes.

Christmas was always more fun when you didn’t really ask for what you wanted, when Santa was coming down the chimney, and when (or so it seems for me), your imagination was seemingly unlimited.

And I think that it’s these things which we are in danger of losing as people. We bemoan kids growing up quickly, but do we really do anything about it? Not really. Quite happy for 18 rated movies to be slightly edited and stuck on at 8pm.

And it makes me sad. Life’s no fun if everything is grim reality.

But surprises aren’t always fun for some people. Like the recent Innocent and McDonalds posting, which riled an awful lot of people – and let’s be fair, some of the comments were bloody stupid.

But the surprise that Innocent is (shock!) an actual business, that exists to make profits has surprised people somehow – and partnering with the ‘great Satan’ has bemused quite a few people.

To me, the trial makes sense – why not see if kids will get their fruit via McDonalds? It’d improve their diets and so forth. At least McDonalds has shown some desire to change, and I think Innocent have realised this – and good for them.

If it stops people trying to make their own (though my flat mate’s weren’t bad in fairness), it’s probably a good thing:

Anyway, like I say, not all surprises are a good thing – you lose some of your child like behaviour, and grow up a little. But I don’t think Innocent have lost their voice, betrayed their principles or any other such nonsense. I think they genuinely want to help improve the world in their own way, and I see trialing their smoothies at McDonalds as a natural step. But, it would seem, not everyone does.

Hopefully they haven’t lost enough of their sense of humour to find this funny (click on the pic to see it full size):

And before this post gets too long and too rambly (too late), I’ve got to say that it would do more brands good to do what Innocent have just done. Dip your toe in new areas, surprise us all. God knows that branded entertainment, digital, ATL and all the channels allow you more opportunity to do this than ever before. So use them.

Here endeth my soapbox posting.

Have a good weekend all – I’m going back to sunny Worcestershire, and may walk along this beaut:

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