Exercise for the mind and body..

Well, seeing as I’m buggering off for a bit in a short while, this post is simply to implore you, gentle reader, to see what I could do to improve myself:

I’m probably going to be drinking a lot out there, so copious exercise will have to wait until I join a gym into the smoke/start MMAing like all the cool kids do/playing 5-a-side (one of those won’t happen).

On the other fronts – I need to broaden my reading. Since finishing University, I’ve been reading easy things which I denied myself whilst on the course. Sure, interspersed with all of that has been some Robert Graves, some Huxley, some more Austen.. but for the most part it’s been finishing off my collections of Pratchett and King.

I need to read more ‘weird shit’ as Richard puts it. Just finishing the Ghost Map at the moment, and have read some more Johnson before that.

As for music, I’m doing my bit for eclectic music listening – though I didn’t know about Sufjan Stevens before Lebowski told me about him, so clearly my lack of buying a cd every week (unlike University) has been my undoing.

You can get an idea of the sort of things I currently want/my tastes by looking at my Amazon wishlist.

As for other things, I’m going to re-take up golf, after leaving it in the doldrums for a long time, as well as finally getting round to picking up a guitar. God help my flatmates.

So, does anyone have any recommendations?