More Mobile mumblings – is 3 the magic number?

Writing the post below made me consider the other major mobile phone brands.

O2: ‘See what you can do‘.

T Mobile: ‘For a better world for you‘.

Orange: ‘The Future’s Bright‘.

It is clear that most mobile phone brands are positioning themselves as being wholly for the individual.

Fair point you may say – they are mobile phone brands, after all. But I believe that all of these endlines risk falling into the trap of being either overly vague or too pushy. Well, I think 3’s recent work overcomes these potential pitfalls, partly because it appears to have two brand positionings.

Though i’m no great fan of the original ‘3’ work, the positioning of the brand as being simultaneously collective (We like….) and individual (‘Welcome to our Network’), along with the recent executions (‘Ribbon Talk’/that new bubbles one) seem to suggest that the network is a somewhat more welcoming and quirky place to be than the others.

What do you think?