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Resolution Taggage..

Not mine. Though I like 1 and the last statement. Via Gillian. Usual rules apply. I’ve been tagged again in one of those meme things. (Have actually been tagged in 3 odd, but… Continue reading

Keep on believing…

Well, it happened. The mighty Potters are going to be playing football in the Prem, the top tier of English football (sadly relegating my father’s team, Leicester, which is a little sad). And,… Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld and Creativity..

The man himself. Picture via Robtanphotos. Usual rules apply. I’ve been contemplating the nature of creativity for a little while now, and thought I should share with you a few quotes from Karl… Continue reading

What Ad Agencies can learn from AC/DC..

Angus doing what he does best. Picture via T-Klick. Usual rules.. I’ve been listening to an awful lot of three chord music recently (no, no Status Quo, happily). And it seems to me… Continue reading

Effort and Reward…

Being able to shift tyres = a life skill. Picture via macredeye. Usual rules.. A little while ago, I read Herd, written by Mark. And in my Amazon review of it, I expressed… Continue reading

Making Rubbish..

Or Art? Picture via Baz_in_Moroland. Usual rules apply. This post is a bit of a fusion of all of the thinking which has been floating about the wider ad community for a little… Continue reading

Rise of the Ronin….

Thanks to BettyBl. Usual rules apply. No, not the bad film with Robert De Niro in it (though it does have one good car chase); more the term itself. Stolen from Wikipedia, it… Continue reading

I have no idea what you are talking about…..

I’ve been after an excuse to post that for ages. Being an ex-English student, I know a little about words. How they can illuminate, beguile, inform and (perhaps most importantly) thoroughly thoroughly confuse… Continue reading

Formed a band, We Formed a Band.. Look at us..

The Stone Roses/Primal Scream bassist Mani. Well, it’s time for what one of my tutors would call an ‘inappropriate analogy’. To hell with it, they didn’t have any Art Brut lyrics to use… Continue reading

Mon Père, Ce Héros (Happy Father’s Day)

The Humphrey family out for a meal. Hello. I’ve been a bit of a rubbish son. My dad doesn’t have a father’s day card, and it looks like he won’t get it till… Continue reading