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Music of 2009…

Most of the music I liked featured guitar in some way. Quelle surprise. I don’t know about you lot, but I fucking hate lists. Lists of banal things which you’d not previously thought… Continue reading

Funny old thing, nostalgia…

What a cheeky chappy. Not as good a frontman as Liam, but still. Like a lot of people, last weekend, I was at Glastonbury. Yes, I’m sure you’re sick to the back teeth… Continue reading

Everyone Loves Music (And Podcasts)

There may be violin. I just don’t know. Thanks GBST Ron, usual rules apply. Eh? Don’t you? Well, you can’t say that this blog doesn’t live to give from time to time. Yes,… Continue reading

Formed a band, We Formed a Band.. Look at us..

The Stone Roses/Primal Scream bassist Mani. Well, it’s time for what one of my tutors would call an ‘inappropriate analogy’. To hell with it, they didn’t have any Art Brut lyrics to use… Continue reading

If I could plot a week of gigs…

Billy Corgan and chums giving it their all.. Well, this week’s been very cool, and largely in a selfish ‘spending lots of money on live music’ way. Put it this way; if you’d… Continue reading

Returning heroes and the soundtrack to my summer..

The Manic Street Preachers have returned to their roots. About time too.. I liked Lifeblood, but this is power chord/melody driven. It seems all of their London venues have sold out, sadly. Sigh..… Continue reading

The customer is not a moron. The customer is your wife.

Anyone of my bloggy readership read The Guardian? Personally, I don’t. But I heard about this story. It’s more interesting for me personally, considering it concerns somewhere where I used to work, and… Continue reading

Obligatory Music Post..(with some Batman)

Right then. No planningy thoughts in this post. It’s unabashedly about music. This may, of course, influence my chances of getting a job at one of London’s achingly cool boutique agencies. But fuck… Continue reading

Ben Folds is brilliant.

Podcasting nonsense/Oh No..Cucumber Sandwiches!

Well, Meme Huffer’s podcast ‘Sleazy Listening’ made my mind up. It was time for a spot o’ podcastery myself. Please find my first effort in the sidebar, entitled ‘Oh No Cucumber Sandwiches’. x… Continue reading