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The folly of categorisation…

Harsh, but fair. In recent years, I’ve become a bit of a muso, as the odd post on this blog (and how I spent my student loan) should testify. And, in no other… Continue reading

Shapes and Organisation..

That said, the tastiest shape is pear shaped. Via Kaptain Kobold. Usual rules apply. Hello there. I’ve been doing some more dangerous bits and pieces. Yep, i’ve been thinking again. Mind you, with… Continue reading

It’s a bit special (and I don’t like Pullman much)..

Thanks to Ascetic Monk. Usual rules apply. Well, I’m no massive Philip Pullman fan (despite his obvious love of Paradise Lost, a book which I wrote my dissertation on). But the film of… Continue reading

Do you like Digital Advertising?

Thanks to hopskipjump. Usual rules, yada yada. Well, do you? If the answer is yes, no, probably or only on Tuesdays, you owe it to yourself to read this, the 7 Deadly Sins… Continue reading